Hawaii Laws and Regulations

If your Maui Power Washing Company isn’t using Reclaiming & Recycling equipment, how do you know they’re safe for Maui’s environment? Maui Eco Power Washing Uses Eco-Friendly Detergents & Reclaims our Water for a True Environmentally Safe Cleaning Experience.

Is your Power Washing Company following Hawaii Laws and Regulations? Are they safe for Maui’s environment? Maui Eco Power Washing is complaint.

Hawaii Laws and Regulations – Maui Eco Power Washing to the Rescue!

Our state-of-the-art equipment pressure washes like you’ve never seen! Rather than just letting the dirty water and chemicals flow downhill to the ocean, our eco-conscious pressure washer vacuums up, filters and recycles the water. As a result, we help keep Maui chemical-free, including our shore waters clear and also our reefs pristine.

Ecologically Safe Pressure Washing Detergents for Maui’s Reefs

It is very important to the welfare of us all to keep Maui’s waters, including our reefs as pristine as possible. For example, with our exclusive Environmental Power Wash Trailer capable of reclaiming gray water and recycling into clean eco-friendly water, Maui Eco Power Washing is EPA complaint. Above all, this is why we use only the most ecologically-sound products when we pressure wash your home or business.

Federal Laws and Regulations

In 1972, Congress passed the federal Water Pollution Control Act (P.L. 92-500). With subsequent amendments, it is commonly referred to as the Clean Water Act (CWA). The preamble to the CWA states that the goal of the Act is to ensure that the nation’s waters are “fishable and swimmable”. In addition, the 1987 Federal Water Quality Act Amendments (P.L. 100-4) placed new emphasis on nonpoint source pollution management, with specific requirements and responsibilities for state nonpoint source pollution programs. As a result, this includes submittal of a Nonpoint Source Assessment Report and a Management Plan to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for approval.

The Coastal Zone Act Reauthorization Amendments of 1990  required Hawaii, as one of the states with a federally-approved coastal zone management (CZM) program, to develop and implement a coastal nonpoint source pollution control program. In addition, they require the program be approved by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and also the EPA. Furthermore, such state programs must be developed jointly by the coastal zone management agency (Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism) and also the water quality agency (Department of Health, DOH).

*Therefore, in 2018, EPA and State Law requires all oils, water, debris from any type of washing of parking lots, sidewalks, etc. to be reclaimed and disposed of properly to ensure none of these types of contaminates ends up in our drainage systems which leads to our oceans.

Fines are imposed on the vendor AND the customer receiving the service for any non-compliance infractions.