About Maui Eco Power Washing

The Environmentally Friendly Choice for Maui Power Washing! Ask us about our Recapture, Reclaim & Recycling Capabilities!

Maui Eco Power Washing is Environmentally Responsible

Maui Eco Power Washing Services therefore demand Environmentally Friendly and Safe power washing procedures! For example, with his exclusive Environmental Power Wash Trailer capable of reclaiming gray water and recycling into clean eco-friendly water, Kelly Haole is bringing his A-Game to the island of Maui. For instance, demonstrating his dedication and therefore his devotion to keeping his home island clean and safe for generations to come. In addition, Maui Eco Power Washing is also Environmentally Responsible, and as a result keeping Maui beautiful using the best eco-friendly detergents, coupled with safe power washing practices in Hawaii.

Kelly Haole is a local boy born and raised in Maui. He also has been working in the concrete industry for over 20 years. Likewise, Kelly grew up in family owned businesses run by his grandfather, father and brother. Subsequently, he has since started his own business in the power washing field, above all making quality, safety, and service his number one priority. As a result, becoming the Number 1 power washing company in the state of Hawaii!

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